miFoot Bunion Surgery

Mifoot Bunion Surgery procedures take traditional concepts of bunion treatment and transform them into a minimally invasive approach. Instead of using large incisions to make bone cuts, surgeons use specific instrumentation to achieve the same correction through tiny incisions.

Traditional Bunion Surgery

Mifoot Bunion Surgery

How the MiFoot Procedure works

The Mifoot bunion correction procedure avoids the great toe joint, so patients typically do not have as much stiffness as open techniques. In addition, because the incisions are so small, the damage to the soft tissues is less, resulting in less pain and a faster recovery. Your surgeon will use either one Centrolock implant or a combination of PECA implants to correct and stabilize the bunion correction.

No Open Surgery

Tiny Incisions

Centrolock® Implant

PECA® Implants

MiFoot Advantages

  • Faster Recovery. Less soft tissue disruption allows for faster bone and soft tissue healing
  • No joint fusion. This decreases healing time and stiffness
  • Less Scarring due to tiny incisions
  • No prominent hardware (screws/plates). Both PECA and Centrolock Implants are designed to stay within the bone without causing pain or being palpable under the skin

Tell me about bunion surgery recovery

First weeks

Immediate full weight bearing is possible immediately after surgery in athletic shoe wear or in a rigid flat orthopedic shoe, depending on your surgeon’s recommendation.

Next 4 – 6 weeks

Transition to your own supportive shoe wear.  You may begin stationary biking, walking for exercise,
and elliptical.

At 3 months

You may begin running and wearing heels,
if desired.

At 4 – 6 months

Resume most activities & return to normal shoe wear.

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