Diagnosing your bunion



Bunions, medically referred to as hallux valgus, is a painful, bony, bump on the side or base of the big toe. It may gradually get bigger, resulting in discomfort.

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The most noticeable symptom of a bunion is the visible deformity on the outside of the foot. Other common symptoms include: redness, swelling, pressure, numbness, and pain when walking and wearing certain shoes.

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Bunions are predominately caused by tight and narrow shoes, which commonly impact women. They also have a genetic predisposition.

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Why Mifoot Bunion Correction?


Before you fix your bunion, consider that Mifoot trained surgeons use minimally invasive techniques that cause far less damage to your foot. The result is less pain, less stiffness and faster recovery.

Frequently asked questions

You will be required to wear a surgical shoe for 6 weeks after surgery and will be able to walk on the heel of your foot the day of surgery. In general, 2 weeks off work is required for those in sedentary employment, 6 weeks for standing or walking work and 6-8 weeks for manual/labour intensive work.

The Mifoot Bunion Correction procedure is covered by the majority of insurance plans. You will need to work with your provider to determine your level of coverage.

Yes, Mifoot Bunion Correction surgeries are performed as outpatient procedures. Typically, the surgery will last just under an hour. If your doctor is performing any additional procedures at the same time, the surgery may take longer.

Mifoot Bunion Correction typically will have you active faster than a comparable open procedure. Typically, patients are weight bearing immediately after surgery in a rigid flat orthopedic shoe. However, it is very important that you fully comply with your doctor’s recovery instructions.

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